Our autonomous was not consistent. After some adjustments, we had it running pretty well by the end. However, we will look at using an encoder on the lander lift motor or a touch sensor to make it more consistent as it lands. Plus, we earned a major penalty by displacing a mineral of the opposing alliance. We need to rethink our strategy to avoid this in the future.

We also need:

– to put distance sensors on Liberty.

– continue planning and work on a method of sampling.

– continue planning and work on a method of collecting minerals.

As far as robustness and reliability, Liberty performed well.

– Our power switch holder, thin plastic, broke twice. We need something stronger here.

– We need to place a bumper around the base of Liberty to prevent minerals from interfering with travel.

– We need to install a larger motor gear on the lander lift to speed up the landing descent rate or use a larger motor gear.

We are very optimistic about what we have so far designed and built. We just need to continue learning, building, and adjusting to finish up the robot.