Today we discussed game strategy. We will examine


Use existing drive train on robot. Mobility and a heavy base will be needed this year. An extension arm will be needed to place stones onto skyscrapers, thus the heavy base to prevent rollovers. Robot must be less than 14 inches tall to clear skybridge, so the arm must fold down.

Stone gripper must grasp over the top of stone. A gripper that grasps from the bottom or sides will contact any adjacent stones in the skyscraper, exposing the skyscraper to toppling.

Revise robot attachments as needed to play this year’s game.

Highest scoring items that we must master.

  • Autonomous 1: deliver both skystones for 10 points each, place on foundation for 4 points each, plus park under the skybridge for an additional 5 points.
  • Autonomous 2: reposition foundation into building site for 10 points

Things to do:

  • Need to determine how high the stones can be stacked so that, when pulled by the robot during endgame foundation movement, the skyscraper does not easily topple.
  • Need a sure-fire method of grasping the stones during movement.