– We need to adjust the stone intake to pickup the stones more effectively.

– These are the items that we need to change and/or adjust based on how we performed at the Oxford qualifier.

– Remove the team number plaques and replace them with numbers on the side of the robot. The plaques interfere with access to the battery and wiring.

– Replace the RC phone holder with one that has a smaller profile. The current one just takes up too much space.

– Design and install covers on the exposed motor ends of the drivetrain.

– We need a smaller, faster stone clamp.

– We need to adjust the stop positions on the RevRobotics foundation clamp servos. One servo was destroyed 

during matchplay because it was overdriven.

– We need a better quality skyscraper arm that is not wobbly and that moves more smoothly. We bought two sets of Musumi linear slides. We will put a set on each side of the robot to increase the lift arm efficiency and reach. SEE REVISION OF 02-05-2020.