We revised the skyscraper arm layout drawing of 12-04-2019. This is based on replacing our Actobotics lift with a lift made from Misumi slides.

Bryce- Today I helped Justin on getting the autonomous. I basically just reset the practice field for each time we would run the autonomous. We finally got it working on the red and blue side Justin still has some improvements to make.

Justin- I spent today getting an autonomous up and running. So far, we can put the foundation in the building zone and park the robot under the skybridge in autonomous. Bryce and I got this to work for both alliances, so we should hopefully have some consistent points in autonomous.

Hugh- I found a new way to string our new slide system. The old way would not hold well enough to withstand the rigors of a competition. We had a solution that just added another nut, but we then realized the addition would make our robot too tall to travel under the sky bridge. We eventually reworked the slide and added pullies that expanded our slide horizontally and not vertically. We also added our team numbers to the sides of the robot. See below.

Red Alliance Autonomous