Ok, we could not find a workable method of using the capstone we recently designed to be preloaded on a stand. We just have too little room. A preloaded capstone just gets too much in the way. Below is our most recent design – the one we are abandoning.

Nice, but will not work!

We are going back to another previous design – the one seen below that can be loaded through the wheeled intake during the end game.

This has been sized like a stone, but shorter so that it does not exceed the 4″ x 4″ x 8″ capstone size limit. And because it is shorter, our normal stone clamp will not grasp it once it is in the clamping pan. So, we will add another servo to our clamp that has a longer clamp arm that can properly grasp the capstone. This newly installed servo will only be used to clamp the capstone.