After using it, we found two major problems with the clamp.

  • The Rev Robotics hex motor is too big and cumbersome for rotating the clamp to match stone orientation. The motor contacts the skyscraper arm when rotated while the arm is angled high. See below.

The clamp cannot be rotated clockwise because the motor body hits the arm.

  • Since we have decided to use a wheeled stone intake, it would be simpler to use two motors, one on each intake wheel. We need to use a servo in place of the motor to drive the clamp. That way we would have motors as follows:

  – 4 on robot drive

  – 2 on skyscraper arm

  – 2 on wheel intake

    8 total as allowed by specification

Now, to test that a servo will provide the power and speed to drive the clamp.

We quickly rigged a Rev Robotics servo onto the clamp to test the grip strength. We used a Rev Robotics smart servo programmer to drive the servo. See below for the test rig.

After testing, we found that the servo will drive the clamp about as well as the hex motor and will take up a lot less space. The only problem, the servo is slow. So, we will consider gear driving the servo output to increase the speed some.