We researched the internet and found a way to string the lifts without using eyebolts that often stripped out of their drilled/tapped holes. These connectors can be 3D printed and equipped with Actobotics pulleys. See below image of Cura printing interface.

Here is the finished product ready for stringing.

We decided to install six slides per lift since we have to rebuild anyway. This will give us extra height, if we need it.

SEE REVISION OF 02-03-2020.

Important info for future reference.

– M3 x 8 mm long socket head button screws and low-profile nuts were used to attach Misumi slides through the 3D printed, double-sided connectors. The nut side required opening the countersunk hole in the slides slightly for clearance.

– M3 x 8 mm long socket head screws and locknuts were used to connect a single Misumi slides to the single connector at the lift ends.

– Size 6-32 x 0.75” long socket head screws were used to connect the Actobotics pulleys to the side of the connectors. The connector through holes were bored out and enlarged some so that the screws would fit. Size 6 lock nuts were also installed.

– Normal 4x13x6 mm ball bearing pulleys were used on the Actobotics pulley assembly. Normal part # 633164 Actobotics spacers were used also.

– Round Spacer, Aluminum, #8 Screw Size, 1/4″ OD, 1/4″ length were used.