We invited two local teams, West Lincoln Bot Shop and Slight Malfunction over to practice on our field. We spent more time working on robots than practicing, but all three teams made good progress by helping each other. We appreciate the efforts of these teams as we all try to improve. And, the other teams appreciate using our practice field with us.

Specifically, we helped West Lincoln in the following areas.

– We helped them wire up their new arm and adjust it.

– We helped them determine the best way to collect stones and to stack stones. They now have a good, reliable way to stack stones on the foundation during teleop.

Specifically, we helped Slight Malfunction in the following areas.

– We talked to them about what to do with team members that are less than motivated.

– We gave them some advice on how to document, document, document their goals and achievements in their engineering notebook. It is interesting to see younger teams learning the hard lessons of how to properly prepare a notebook to thoroughly reflect the efforts that they are putting into their program. We had to learn many of these lessons the hard way. 

It is very satisfying to see our team’s suggestions being implemented by other teams. We feel we are making a difference not only in our program but in other programs as well. VERY SATISFYING!