WLBOT SHOP, Team 6704, came over and we practiced with them on our field.

We assisted them, hopefully, in the following ways. 

– We helped them plan an autonomous strategy.

– We worked on their overall game strategy.

– We used our tools to repair their battery charger end connector.

– We 3D printed a robot controller phone holder for them.

– We used our facilities to repair a servo operated foundation


– We went over what needed to be in their engineering notebook 

  using ours as an example.

Justin: I conversed with team 6704, and assisted Hugh in helping them with some of their technical problems

Kylie: I showed the Ms. Franklin our notebook and exchanged ideas.

Hugh: I gave them parts, and helped WLBOT Shop build an arm that will help them move the foundation. I also mounted various parts for them including a protective plate.