We decided to take the following actions to improve our robot as a result of what we learned at the Flowood qualifier.

– Use only one arm for the skyscraper lift. This will give us some space to install a camera and a servo operated arm to move skystones during autonomous.

– Use a capstone that we can preload to cap the skyscraper. We need to design and build a mechanism for this. It takes too much time to travel and pick up a capstone from inside the depot.

– We need to finish up our autonomous program.

– Since we are not using a capstone that must go through the intake, we can remove the separate capstone clamping servo from our stone clamp. This will reduce both space and weight. 

– We will not need to use a slide system to move the clamp into position over the foundation. We will continue to use our current flip out concept. 

– We need to improve our speed of operation. We need to further adjust the stone intake. It is sometimes too slow in intake of a stone. We will exchange the robot’s drivetrain motors from Andy Mark 40:1 gear ratio to 20:1. This will speed up the drive without taking too much effort to change out. Also, we will use two Andy Mark 60:1 gear motors, along with a duo gear box, to increase lift torque. We will string the lift for cascade operation instead of continuous operation. This takes more power (2 Motors) but is faster. See below for an illustration of how this works.

SEE REVISION OF 02-10-2020.