We finished in 2nd place in the qualification rounds but lost in the elimination rounds. Our communications about selecting an alliance partner broke down, and we selected the wrong team. As a result, we will generate a standard form for selecting our alliance partners for the future. Stay tuned!     

      Overall, our new drive team learned much. It is hard to replace a team that worked as a unit for the past two years. We are confident that we will get much better as we go; we laid a good foundation in Oxford.

      On the other hand, we felt we had the best interview we have had in two years. We also felt our engineering notebook was much improved. We had essentially placed more emphasis on improving our notebook and overall presentation, things we know we were weakest on in the past, instead of just working on the robot. We think that this strategy worked for this qualifier. We finished 3rd for the Inspire Award; we won the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award; and, we placed in several other award categories. This is a solid showing based upon a much-improved engineering notebook. 

      Importantly, we also were one of four teams selected to go to the state tournament. NICE! This is what we went to Oxford for, and we accomplished it.

The following are the reflections of the individual team members.