Bryce: Today we stayed late trying to  get the robot ready for Oxford. I worked on getting the arm finished and stringed. I also made a new 3D designed team marker that will better match our wheeled intake system.

Our short skyscraper arm mounted on its removable base plate.
Blender design of our new capstone.
3D printing of capstone.
And here it is, ready to top a skyscraper.
And here it is, ready to top a skyscraper.

Justin: We stayed late to prepare the robot for Oxford today. I wired some of the additional servos and motors on the robot, and started putting them into the TeleOp. We did, however, run into some problems later into the night.

The drivetrain had a bad motor on it. We removed the motor and replaced it.

Nope. It turned out to be a really weird program bug. I had to rewrite the program to get rid of it.