We found two serious problems with the robot at the scrimmage.

Ou relectronics caused a number of connection issues. Investigation revealed, that apparently, we had damaged the Rev Robotics expansion hubs either during installation or during removal from last year’s robot. Both hubs had cracks in the USB connectors as shown below. We replaced both hubs with new hubs.

We will contact Rev Robotics to see if this can be repaired since these are such expensive items.

Another issue arose with our lander lift. The lead screw lock nut seems to not stop the screw from over extending when it cycles fully. When the lock nut hits the top of the lift frame, it spins on the lead screw instead of staying in a locked position. This results in gear misalignment after the lift is retracted. See below.

The lock nut clamp screw was torqued as much as we dared without stripping it. Maybe we can install an additional stop or otherwise limit the motion before the lock nut hits the upper frame and “unscrews” itself. This is currently under investigation.

In addition to working on the above problems, we installed casters on the lander lift support. This is so we can roll smoothly up and down the side of the lander during lift and descent. See below.

Also, we decided on a name for our robot. We are calling it “Liberty”.