We installed our marker placement arm on the robot. You can see it here.

We also finished installing our distance sensors to help us out during autonomous. We now have a total of four distance sensors installed, one on each side of the robot.

We also worked on the drive system for our mineral lift. The lift has been traveling too rapidly and struggles to move when fully extended. So, we redesigned our chain drive and sprocket gearing to help us out. We need more torque and slower movement. We selected a two-stage drive train as can be seen in the below images. train as can be seen in the below images. (See revised drive train.)

We selected the sprocket sizes based on what would fit in the space we have available on the robot and on what would give us enough torque to correctly handle our lift. Following are the calculations we performed to help us select a combination of sprocket sizes that will increase torque and reduce the chain speed.