When we arrived today, we decided to replace the robot controller phone with our spare phone. We installed all current software and our programming. When we started up the robot, everything connected fine. Further checking revealed that the RC phone we had been using was causing much of the connection issues. This phone and the driver’s station phone are both two years old; the micro USB connectors are loose. Neither of these phones give consistent, reliable connections. (We have been fighting connection issues on the driver’s station lately also.) We decided to replace our phones with new ones. We decided to order the cheapest, approved pair we could find. We will sell our older phones for whatever we can get to help offset the cost of new ones. We will keep our spare phone – the one now on the robot – for back up. The new phones were ordered and should be in next week. We ordered Motorola Moto G4 Play phones.

We did manage to finish extending the lander lift support structure. This is how it looks now.