We still are having issues getting the robot controller to talk to the driver’s station. Our expansion hubs, programming, and configuration file all appear to be operating fine. We continue to change out USB cables and USB hubs in an effort to locate the problem area(s). We are also trying to check out a powered USB hub that simultaneously runs the robot controller and a UVC. It is not working as it should. We decided to call it a night and think things over. Stay tuned!

While some were working on the connection issue, other members were working to extend the lander lift supports. We originally did not make this support high enough so that the support wheels would properly engage the lander side wall during robot lift. (The existing support and wheels worked fine during the landing phase.) While lifting, the wheels would hang up under the lander side wall – which is 12″ off the playing field. This prevented the robot from visibly clearing the floor. (At least to our liking.) We want the wheels to engage both in the up and the down motions and help “roll” the robot up and down the lander side wall. Our support structure was not tall enough to elevate the wheels in to a proper position. So, we extended the entire structure so the wheels can be placed higher up on the bot. See below sketch for our idea here.