We used SAR 320 slides and joined them using M3-4 countersunk screws with low profile nuts. We had to slightly open up the countersunk hole on the slide on the nut side for clearance. We have a tight, non-interference fit. See below for assembly and mounting procedure.

After examining our arm layout, we found that we will not have the length we initially thought we would have. The effective length of each slide depends upon the length available after stringing the lift. In other words, we cannot extend the slides fully because of limitations imposed by the way the string must be physically run. So, we revised our initial math accordingly. (Revision of the information of 12-13-2019.)

Actual length of one extended slide: 16.5”

Effective length of one extended slide when strung: 7.0”.

Effective length of total slides = number of slides times effective extended length plus length of base slide mounted frame:

(5 x 7.0“) + 7.75“ = 35.0” + 7.75“ = 42.75”

So, the total height the arm can reach equals the mounted height plus the length of the arm:

Total height = height of base off floor + arm length.

4.5” + 42.75“ = 47.25”

At 47” full extension, we can stack the following number of stones (each stone being 5” tall):

47” Â¸  5” = 9 stones

Realistically, probably 8 stones plus a capstone.

We can always add another slide if truly needed.

SEE REVISION OF 02-03-2020.